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Vintage Musical Topiary

Vintage Musical Topiary

48 USD
This Beautiful Paper Flower Topiary is designed with real vintage musical pages, each petal was distressed to give it that old charm. This is a unique piece and would make a great statement on any room. This was carefully crafted with lots of love and time put into it. Each flower is made out of a heart shaped petal.

The Topiary includes a 12'' wooden dowel stick, a 6'' ball, and a small terra cotta pot. The dirt pictured is NOT included =]

Give it your personal touch and paint/decorate the terra cotta pot.

PLEASE NOTE that you will NOT Get the exact one pictured, but a very similar one. This listing is ONLY for one (1) topiary, the first one pictured.

CUSTOM ORDERS AVAILABLE, any questions, pleas ask! =]